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Gutter Guard


How Gutter Protection Works

Gtter Guard

Over-the-gutter protection like Blue Mountain Mesh ensures year round low-maintenance protection that keeps gutters from getting blocked.


  • Damaged or blocked gutters and downpipes provide a source of penetrating moisture … these typically concentrate large quantities of moisture
  • 19.4 Australians – mainly men approaching retirement age, die every year after falling from a ladder …. Think twice before you get up a ladder to clean your gutters
  • Ember attack protection Builders have found that the benefit of installing 2mm mesh as an ember guard is it is able to act as a gutter guard as well as an ember guard ensuring gutters are kept free of leaves and debris whilst protecting your home from ember attack.
  • Protect your most valuable asset One of the key areas for maintenance on a property is the roof and gutter.

One of the key areas for maintenance on a property is the roof and gutter. And while each building is different, all are at risk from water damage. From a minor leak to violently destructive winds or storms, any unwanted water intrusion can significantly impact the value of a commercial property. Protecting the roof, walls, windows and other components of ‘the envelope’ is essential to reducing the likelihood of water damage.

A build-up of leaves and other debris in gutters can cause serious maintenance issues, including an increased risk of flooding, pest and vermin infestation. Unprotected gutters also require more frequent cleaning, with the increased risks to health and safety associated from working ‘at height’. Apart from the misery they cause, leaking gutters cost Australian industry millions of dollars every year in production disruption, stock loss and maintenance costs.

A recognised way to prevent blocked gutters, and effectively manage these environmental and safety risks, is to invest in gutter guards, which frequently provides a better return than either no maintenance program or regular cleaning.


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